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Information Super Gas Tank

May. × ’12

I’m continuing to work with Team Bushwhack from my recent Startup Weekend experience and we’re seeing some of the typical growing pains. Well, ‘growing pains’ might be premature. Bushwhack isn’t growing yet. ‘Colic’ might be a more appropriate term. Going from idea to organization is a tricky business. In my day job at MobileIgniter, it [...]

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On open letter to designers about crowd sourced design

May. × ’11

I’m not sure how I feel about the phenomena of crowd-sourced design.  We’re currently experimenting with the model, so I’ll have a personal anecdote in short order.  A friend of mine who is a professional designer just sent me her reaction to our move.  I must say, she was very diplomatic.  I know this is [...]

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Designer Crowd

May. × ’11

We’re OK with our appearance. No one is complaining that we showed up to the party under-dressed. But, we’ve decided to dress for the job we want, instead of the one we have. Today, we’re chalk on a sidewalk. Tomorrow (or some point in the future), we need to elevate our message to a more [...]

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Rough week

May. × ’11

TechStars has been a fairly rapid series of ups and downs. I love completing tasks.  I love crossing things off to-do lists.  It gets the endorphins rushing.  An entire sheet of paper with things crossed off is my ten-miler.   Like this? Share it!

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Business book overload

Apr. × ’11

The Four Steps to the Epiphany The Personal MBA Do More, Faster The list of recommended reading never ends.  4 Steps is a serious challenge.  Or maybe ‘challenged’ is the correct word.  I’ve never seen a text so poorly laid out.  It makes reading, something I generally enjoy, into a colossal pain in the ass. [...]

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TechStars, One month in the books

Apr. × ’11

It’s been just over a month since I set foot in Cambridge, MA.  I wish I had been doing a better job of documenting the experience.  I hate to think of how much I’ve already forgotten. Like this? Share it!

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PayPal micro-payment break-even, with graph!

Oct. × ’10

PayPal is ready to go with their new micro-payment program. I’m super pumped. I had just gotten done whining blogging whining about needing a good micro-payment system when I read the news. Like this? Share it!

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Eating my own dog food

Oct. × ’10

Time to install the plugin I’ve been working on at Like this? Share it!

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1 week * 2 hours = gift to Bears Care

Oct. × ’10

Last week I received inspiration from The Corporateprenuer. I decided to take the 5 hours, 5 weeks challenge. I’ve been in the market for an Android phone for quite a while, but instead of just running out and satisfying my consumer urge I decided to set up a risk/reward. Like this? Share it!

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