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RBAC it up!

May. × ’12

Learning the ins and outs of Yii authentication from an excellent collection of posts by Larry Ullman.  Need to take it to the next level with some RBAC. Digging through Yii’s own documentation. Boy this is fun! Can someone explain why Yii uses an int field to hold AuthItem types? Why not an enum with [...]

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Codiqa is money. No, really!

Apr. × ’12

I was lucky enough to have a quick chat with one of the guys over at Codiqa moments before I needed to use the tool they just so happen to provide. I got a call from a client that wanted a new feature. It’s not on our dev calendar, so they offered to pay to [...]

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Git ‘r done, Fixed gear

Apr. × ’12

Finally got Git in Netbeans working to my satisfaction.  Actually quite nice, but good docs are lacking.  I hacked my way through this, but I have to admit it still wasn’t obvious. Here’s my 2 cents: Create a new project.  When you do this, Netbeans asks that you supply a directory for the project to [...]

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Apr. × ’12

The Support tab on the app is really convenient.  Questions I ask stay in a list along with responses.  Responses also come in via email.  The saved list is a really handy reference so I can look back to answers I’ve gotten in the past without going to a full-blown help site or searching [...]

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PHP/JS time manipulation, MySQL subqueries, chart woes

Apr. × ’12

Nicely formatted time values and again with JavaScript MySQL subqueries get me out of a data collation pickle Not happy with the fact that HighCharts doesn’t have a built in way to reset the X axis with new date values when refreshing data. But, control over the tooltip display is nice. Need to identify the outliers in [...]

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What I used today

Apr. × ’12 Yes, some programmers memorize this kind of stuff.  I’m not one of them. Need to do some basic date math to lay out our BI dashboard. Speaking of which, we have been testing HighCharts to display data.  Really slick script. Not sure about the steep license fee.  Depends on what else is out there. More [...]

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