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Buy Local, Buy Forward

Oct. × ’14

My business partner and I recently observed the third anniversary of having founded MobileIgniter. Looking back, one of the most difficult obstacles we’ve had to overcome in building our business is our ability to sell to local enterprises. Large, established organizations prefer to buy from other large, established organizations — at least that’s one of [...]

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Lean lesson from Charter Communications

Sep. × ’13

Two reasons to be glad it’s Friday — first, I’ve been down and out with a head cold all week and I’m finally on the mend. Second, during that time Charter Communications (our area’s cable-based comms provider) has tried calling me half a dozen or so times. Under normal circumstances I would continue to ignore [...]

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Pivot is not a four letter word

Jun. × ’13

The startup community loves to talk about pivots. Have you pivoted? How many times? What was that like? There’s an excitement bordering on erotic voyeurism and, yes, I have experienced the titillation in weaker moments. Embarrassing. I don’t like to talk about pivots. Not mine, anyway. Not only do they represent a very intimate look [...]

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Amusing phone call

Oct. × ’12

“Good morning, Timothy Nott speaking.  How can I help you?” “Yes, Dominic, I’m (unintelligible name) from (unintelligible company).  Have you heard of our organization?” “No” “Dominic, we are the largest blah blah blah.  My (manager?) So and So was hoping to set up a meeting with you next week.  Can we set that up for [...]

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Meter, Meat, M. Ward

May. × ’12

I’ve been using the new parking meters in downtown Madison a lot lately.  They are awesome.  That is all. Used a gift certificate I got off to get a tasty deal at Jim’s Meat Market. Finished the night off with a romp with M. Ward at the Barrymore.  Outside of the absurd use of [...]

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Git ‘r done, Fixed gear

Apr. × ’12

Finally got Git in Netbeans working to my satisfaction.  Actually quite nice, but good docs are lacking.  I hacked my way through this, but I have to admit it still wasn’t obvious. Here’s my 2 cents: Create a new project.  When you do this, Netbeans asks that you supply a directory for the project to [...]

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Renewing this blog with a new kind of blog post

Apr. × ’12

Back in August, my life changed dramatically.  Along with my business partner Dominic DiMarco, I started MobileIgniter. The time available for a personal blog went from scant to zero. I recently visited my long-neglected blog and realized that it was like my life had turned off for the last 7 months. But, that is so [...]

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My Review of Roku XD Player

Apr. × ’12

Originally submitted at Roku The new XD steps it up with 1080p HD video quality and extended-range wireless. Roku XD Player Love the iOS remote! By Tim from Madison, WI on 4/3/2012   4out of 5 Pros: Compact, IOS remote, Easy to set up, High quality picture, Built in Wi-Fi, Great value, Reliability, Easy to [...]

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SendGrid and Zend (with some red hot header action)

Sep. × ’11

I’ve been using SendGrid on behalf of a client for a couple of months, now.  Recently the admin interface gave me a tip on improving my use of their features.  SendGrid allows categorization of emails for better analytics.  Neato. Like this? Share it!

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Thunderbird, why hast thou forsaken me?

Aug. × ’11

I spent a solid hour last night trying to get a Google Apps account working with Thunderbird. No dice. This morning, I spent 5 minutes with Windows Live Mail and voila. Tried creating a new folder. It worked. Created a subfolder and that worked too. The only issue I have is syncing contacts, but the [...]

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