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Jul. × ’11

Beanstalk, a service my business depends upon, is down as of 14:50 CDT. After a bit of cursing, I decided to verify the problem and report it. At that point, there was no indication on the site of the service outage. I shot a note to customer service letting them know what I’m experiencing. Then, [...]

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Designer Crowd

May. × ’11

We’re OK with our appearance. No one is complaining that we showed up to the party under-dressed. But, we’ve decided to dress for the job we want, instead of the one we have. Today, we’re chalk on a sidewalk. Tomorrow (or some point in the future), we need to elevate our message to a more [...]

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Adventures in Beantown

Mar. × ’11

This post begins a chronicle of three months working for a startup. Hopefully three months. It may crash and burn. Maybe more than three months. One can hope. Like this? Share it!

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Cheap audience engagement

Nov. × ’10

Having an audience is great. I can’t wait to get one. That’ll be neat. For those who already have an audience, it’s amazing what they can do for you; beta testing, providing feedback, creating user-generated content, to name a few of the benefits. Of course, each benefit requires some input on your part. To get [...]

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