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Thoughts on Madison Startup Weekend

May. × ’12

I went to  Startup Weekend  to support the local startup community and work on my public speaking. I shot my idea around to colleagues and friends to get feedback.  Chris Keller was one of those folks.  Coincidentally, his boss had encouraged him to attend.  I had met Mike Schuette a couple months prior and knew it [...]

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Madison, get your startup on!

Apr. × ’12 I was recently in Salt Lake City and a Startup Weekend event was going on right next door so MobileIgniter decided to drop in and see what was going on. It was amazing! Several dozen aspiring entrepreneurs lined up to give their elevator pitch. From those, about a dozen teams were formed and [...]

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PHP/JS time manipulation, MySQL subqueries, chart woes

Apr. × ’12

Nicely formatted time values and again with JavaScript MySQL subqueries get me out of a data collation pickle Not happy with the fact that HighCharts doesn’t have a built in way to reset the X axis with new date values when refreshing data. But, control over the tooltip display is nice. Need to identify the outliers in [...]

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What I used today

Apr. × ’12 Yes, some programmers memorize this kind of stuff.  I’m not one of them. Need to do some basic date math to lay out our BI dashboard. Speaking of which, we have been testing HighCharts to display data.  Really slick script. Not sure about the steep license fee.  Depends on what else is out there. More [...]

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Jul. × ’11

Beanstalk, a service my business depends upon, is down as of 14:50 CDT. After a bit of cursing, I decided to verify the problem and report it. At that point, there was no indication on the site of the service outage. I shot a note to customer service letting them know what I’m experiencing. Then, [...]

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VirtualBox: Revenge of the Shared Drive

Jul. × ’11

I Have Been Going Nuts! I have my new development environment all set up and things seemed to be going smoothly. I got the OS installed on a VirtualBOx VM, got shared drives workin, -AMP all set up. Yay! But, then I noticed that updates I was making to CSS were not appearing in the [...]

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Physics gone meta

May. × ’11

“You make a lot of physics analogies for an English major.” A colleague recently made that comment after I apparently dropped my nth metaphor based on my limited understanding but enthusiastic admiration of the science. I had a really excellent physics teacher who helped me achieve a solid understanding of the basics.  Marry my major [...]

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On open letter to designers about crowd sourced design

May. × ’11

I’m not sure how I feel about the phenomena of crowd-sourced design.  We’re currently experimenting with the model, so I’ll have a personal anecdote in short order.  A friend of mine who is a professional designer just sent me her reaction to our move.  I must say, she was very diplomatic.  I know this is [...]

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Designer Crowd

May. × ’11

We’re OK with our appearance. No one is complaining that we showed up to the party under-dressed. But, we’ve decided to dress for the job we want, instead of the one we have. Today, we’re chalk on a sidewalk. Tomorrow (or some point in the future), we need to elevate our message to a more [...]

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Rough week

May. × ’11

TechStars has been a fairly rapid series of ups and downs. I love completing tasks.  I love crossing things off to-do lists.  It gets the endorphins rushing.  An entire sheet of paper with things crossed off is my ten-miler.   Like this? Share it!

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