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Information Super Gas Tank

May. × ’12

I’m continuing to work with Team Bushwhack from my recent Startup Weekend experience and we’re seeing some of the typical growing pains. Well, ‘growing pains’ might be premature. Bushwhack isn’t growing yet. ‘Colic’ might be a more appropriate term. Going from idea to organization is a tricky business. In my day job at MobileIgniter, it [...]

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Meter, Meat, M. Ward

May. × ’12

I’ve been using the new parking meters in downtown Madison a lot lately.  They are awesome.  That is all. Used a gift certificate I got off to get a tasty deal at Jim’s Meat Market. Finished the night off with a romp with M. Ward at the Barrymore.  Outside of the absurd use of [...]

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RBAC it up!

May. × ’12

Learning the ins and outs of Yii authentication from an excellent collection of posts by Larry Ullman.  Need to take it to the next level with some RBAC. Digging through Yii’s own documentation. Boy this is fun! Can someone explain why Yii uses an int field to hold AuthItem types? Why not an enum with [...]

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Thoughts on Madison Startup Weekend

May. × ’12

I went to  Startup Weekend  to support the local startup community and work on my public speaking. I shot my idea around to colleagues and friends to get feedback.  Chris Keller was one of those folks.  Coincidentally, his boss had encouraged him to attend.  I had met Mike Schuette a couple months prior and knew it [...]

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