VirtualBox: Revenge of the Shared Drive

21stJul. × ’11

Squirrel stores a cache of nuts. Caching files drive me nuts.

I Have Been Going Nuts!

I have my new development environment all set up and things seemed to be going smoothly. I got the OS installed on a VirtualBOx VM, got shared drives workin, -AMP all set up. Yay! But, then I noticed that updates I was making to CSS were not appearing in the browser. Caching issue? Cleared the browser cache, but no difference. Then I tried opening the file in another browser. Same result. Wait! The new browser can’t have the file cached at all! Apache? I commented out mod_cache and mod_disk_cache (not that they were in use). No dice. Off the to Google-nets.

I tried a bunch of searches, but no dice. I tried Aardvark, but everyone told me to clear my cache. Yeah, thanks.

Then I started to suspect the shared drive itself. What if the file updates on the Windows host (where I program) weren’t notifying Linux that the files had updated? Turned out I was right. The only problem was, I had no idea what the mechanism was that made those things work. In a dreamy state my Inner Nag whined, “Remember that Linux certification you were going to get back in the day. How handy would that be right about now?”  Hey, Inner Nag, stfu.

After another hour of Googlequesting, I finally got found the Cosmic Knowledge Fish I sought.  Turns out, a big hint was right there in the Apache config file.

# EnableSendfile: Control whether the sendfile kernel support is
# used to deliver files (assuming that the OS supports it).
# The default is on; turn this off if you serve from NFS-mounted
# filesystems.  Please see

Thanks to this guy for making the problem findable and solving it.

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  • Timothy Nott

    Ok, I’m somewhat gratified to see that Quora did not answer my question over night.  Someone did correct my capitalization of CentOS, however -

  • What causes old versions of files to be delivered by Apache on CentOS 6? – Quora

    [...] suggest this in a production environment, but it's fine for a dev box. More info –…This answer .Please specify the necessary improvements. Edit Link Text Show answer summary [...]

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