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Physics gone meta

May. × ’11

“You make a lot of physics analogies for an English major.” A colleague recently made that comment after I apparently dropped my nth metaphor based on my limited understanding but enthusiastic admiration of the science. I had a really excellent physics teacher who helped me achieve a solid understanding of the basics.  Marry my major [...]

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On open letter to designers about crowd sourced design

May. × ’11

I’m not sure how I feel about the phenomena of crowd-sourced design.  We’re currently experimenting with the model, so I’ll have a personal anecdote in short order.  A friend of mine who is a professional designer just sent me her reaction to our move.  I must say, she was very diplomatic.  I know this is [...]

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Designer Crowd

May. × ’11

We’re OK with our appearance. No one is complaining that we showed up to the party under-dressed. But, we’ve decided to dress for the job we want, instead of the one we have. Today, we’re chalk on a sidewalk. Tomorrow (or some point in the future), we need to elevate our message to a more [...]

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Rough week

May. × ’11

TechStars has been a fairly rapid series of ups and downs. I love completing tasks.  I love crossing things off to-do lists.  It gets the endorphins rushing.  An entire sheet of paper with things crossed off is my ten-miler.   Like this? Share it!

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