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Business book overload

Apr. × ’11

The Four Steps to the Epiphany The Personal MBA Do More, Faster The list of recommended reading never ends.  4 Steps is a serious challenge.  Or maybe ‘challenged’ is the correct word.  I’ve never seen a text so poorly laid out.  It makes reading, something I generally enjoy, into a colossal pain in the ass. [...]

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Now we’re getting somewhere

Apr. × ’11

The new incarnation of Spill looks a lot like the existing one.  But, there are some significant differences behind the scenes – significant enough for Heidi to blurt out “Tim, you made a pretty website!”  I’m still not sure what she meant, but I’m glad she’s happy. Like this? Share it!

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What to do when Pandora’s box is locked

Apr. × ’11

I’ve only got nine hours left in my monthly allotment from Pandora.  I’ve got lots more hours of programming to do before month’s end.  What to do? Like this? Share it!

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TechStars, One month in the books

Apr. × ’11

It’s been just over a month since I set foot in Cambridge, MA.  I wish I had been doing a better job of documenting the experience.  I hate to think of how much I’ve already forgotten. Like this? Share it!

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Pomodoro ping pong

Apr. × ’11

In some ways, the TechStars experience is turning me into a ninja on speed.  Speed ninja.  Everyone has their favorite time saver, and ideas that work spread like wildfire. In some ways, the same experience is turning me into a perpetual procrastination machine.  While that is theoretically impossible due to the Third Law of Inertia, [...]

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Care package, heavy on the care

Apr. × ’11

In the tech world, redundancy is boring in a good way.  When a web server finds an untimely demise, a redundant server keeps our lives from getting too exciting. In this sense, boredom is good. Some would say that redundancy can be taken too far – diminishing returns and all that.  Despite my super-powered paranoia, [...]

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