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TechStars company, EverTrue, is hiring

Mar. × ’11

Job postings for server side/PHP and also for mobile dev on both iOS and Android. EverTrue mashes up location and profile data with the traditional alumni directory and delivers via mobile. Like this? Share it!

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TechStars, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Mar. × ’11

I apologize to everyone who received a cryptic reply in response to the question, “Why are you going to Boston?” By way of reparation, I hope to make a satisfactory, if belated, reply. Like this? Share it!

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Like Milwaukee, but with more tall buildings, and an ocean, and…

Mar. × ’11
Not bad, aside from the window needing a bit of a scrub.

Well, the weather is similar.  Snow yesterday, scenic sunshine today.  In keeping with the change theme, I moved my workspace a few yards to the next easily-accessible* power outlet.  The view is much improved. Like this? Share it!

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No Leinies, no problem

Mar. × ’11
Snow falls in Cabmridge

Just when I thought I had entered another world… A world where the local liquor store has zero Wisconsin craft brews… A world where cheese comes in yellow, white or bleu… Don’t even get me started on the bar food. But, there is one thing that will stave off homesickness for a Sconnie – especially [...]

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Cloud Cult on NPR’s Marketplace

Mar. × ’11

Been meaning to post this for a while.  Just wanted to give a shout out to two of my favorite things, Cloud Cult and Marketplace. On March 25, Marketplace dropped in a clip from Cloud Cult, (Chain Reaction).  I’ve always enjoyed the eclectic splashes of music in the show’s transitions, but it blows my mind [...]

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Adventures in Beantown

Mar. × ’11

This post begins a chronicle of three months working for a startup. Hopefully three months. It may crash and burn. Maybe more than three months. One can hope. Like this? Share it!

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VirtualBox, The Taming of the Shared Drive

Mar. × ’11

Picking up where I left off in my quest to build a usable development environment in Windows, I tried to mount a shared folder. This is an im portant step as I want to do all my development in the host operating system (Windows), but I want the files I work on to be available [...]

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You’ll never look at Stephen Colbert the same way again

Mar. × ’11

I, for one, don’t think I can look at him at all. Not after this. In other news, I really need to adjust the link colors in CSS. Like this? Share it!

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