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Dexpot for virtual desktops on Windows

Dec. × ’10

Another installment in the ‘Avoiding the Mac tax’ series. Can’t compare Win to Mac unless the my favorite OS X features are available. One of my favorite aspects of using a Mac is virtual desktops. A recent addition to OS X, virtual desktops help me maintain my sanity. I keep administrative items like email and […]

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Renaissance of the pay phone?

Dec. × ’10

Notice how the once-ubiquitous pay phone has all but disappeared? No, not if you were born after 1990. If that’s you, there were once phones attached to walls all over the place. You’d drop in some change and make a call. No contract, no activation fee. Like this? Share it!

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What if we all owned Facebook?

Dec. × ’10

The as-yet-unreleased project, Diaspora, would like to try to answer that question. Diaspora hopes to put the network in the hands of eager techies. And control of the data in the hands of the user. Like this? Share it!

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Fantasy shower scene

Dec. × ’10

The following is the first in what I hope will be a long string of similar posts. I have always imagined little vignettes. My imaginings have always taken the form of a cinematic scene. I refer to these little thoughts by, “

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Android OS fragmentation lament is sad, indeed

Dec. × ’10

Just read “New data on Android fragmentation” over on RWW.  Here’s my knee-jerk, exasperated response. Like this? Share it!

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