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New obsession. Backgammon a la Android

Nov. × ’10

I realized I have no entertainment options on my phone. Easy fix.  (Link will only work on an Android device with Android Market) I would hate to get caught behind a bunch of body scan protesters without some form of distraction. Like this? Share it!

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Getting to know my new phone

Nov. × ’10

I just got a new Samsung Captivate to replace my Nokia E71x. I would have held off for another couple months, but the speaker had gone wonky and I can’t be on blue tooth all the time. After a couple daysof use, a couple things are becoming clear. First, I waited way too long. Second, [...]

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Cheap audience engagement

Nov. × ’10

Having an audience is great. I can’t wait to get one. That’ll be neat. For those who already have an audience, it’s amazing what they can do for you; beta testing, providing feedback, creating user-generated content, to name a few of the benefits. Of course, each benefit requires some input on your part. To get [...]

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