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Theme update – Boumatic

Oct. × ’10

Minor update on the blog design. I added a child template to Thematic called Boumatic. Thanks to Allen Cole for the smooth design.  I made a couple of tweaks, essentially swapping the background colors between the left rail and the site background to make teh text a little easier to read. I also bumped up [...]

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PayPal micro-payment break-even, with graph!

Oct. × ’10

PayPal is ready to go with their new micro-payment program. I’m super pumped. I had just gotten done whining blogging whining about needing a good micro-payment system when I read the news. Like this? Share it!

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Virtual environments, installment 1 – Virtual Box

Oct. × ’10

First impressions can mean a lot. I’m downloading Virtual Box, coLinux and VMWare Player. Of the three, VMWare was the only one that wants personal information in exchange for a download – probably because they have something to sell. Strangely, the activation email notes that I am downloading an evaluation version. Of free software. First impression = Weird.

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Wireless devices need software for a lifetime

Oct. × ’10

In short: Smartphones cost hundreds of dollars. Provider contracts, with their two year commitment, cost hundreds more. For that kind of money, one might expect to stay on the cutting edge. One might be disappointed. Like this? Share it!

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Eating my own dog food

Oct. × ’10

Time to install the plugin I’ve been working on at Like this? Share it!

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Avoiding the Mac tax – back to the drawing board

Oct. × ’10

In my experiment to see if I can do development work on a PC after many years on a Mac, I have experienced a minor setback.  I received my Dell Vostro 3500 ahead of schedule. That was the good news. Actually, there was plenty of good news. The machine was fairly solid. But, there were [...]

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1 week * 2 hours = gift to Bears Care

Oct. × ’10

Last week I received inspiration from The Corporateprenuer. I decided to take the 5 hours, 5 weeks challenge. I’ve been in the market for an Android phone for quite a while, but instead of just running out and satisfying my consumer urge I decided to set up a risk/reward. Like this? Share it!

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